Turn Your Food Blog into a Business

Sound like a pipe dream?? It’s for Real!

food_blogger_pro_member_125x125Thousands of food bloggers have made it happen.

What does it take?

Focus … a passion for food … commitment to your readers … step by step training … and YOU! There may be many steps to creating a successful food blog, but Food Blogger Pro makes the process simple by walking you through each one.

When I joined in 2014, I was amazed at how many clear, comprehensive tutorial videos there are. I was expecting training to be at an elementary level, but it actually ranges from beginner to expert. And guess what? There are probably twice as many videos now! Plus in 2016, podcasts were added where some of the top food bloggers share the secrets to their success.

Here is the outline of the video tutorial training:

  1. Getting Started
    1. Setting up your food blog
    2. WordPress Deep Dive
    3. Setting up Google Apps
    4. Time Management
  2. Building Traffic
    1. Food Sharing Sites
    2. SEO for Food Blogs
    3. Quick and Easy Traffic Tips
  3. Food Photography
    1. Using a DSLR
    2. Natural Lighting for Food Photography
    3. Artificial Lighting for Food Photography
    4. Props for Food Photography
    5. Composition for Food Photography
    6. Styling for Food Photography
    7. Putting it All Together
  4. Photo Editing
  5. Social Media
  6. Essential Tools
  7. Essential Plugins
  8. Generating Income
  9. Creating an eBook

I’ve been a member since early 2014. I expected to join for a couple months, go through all the tutorials and then leave. Then what I found was in-depth training far beyond my expectations and an incredibly supportive and active community of food bloggers. I haven’t seen any other online community of food bloggers that even begins to compare to this. Ask a questions and people jump in to help you!

So, I’ll be in Food Blogger Pro for the long haul. At less than $300 a year, it’s a real bargain; and if you apply the training it pays for itself many times over in no time.

So how committed are you to your food blog? Where does it actually fit in your life? If it’s important to you, you owe it to yourself to buckle down and do the training in Food Blogger Pro.

Got any questions? Just email or call me!