Create Your First eCookbook Product

Did you create your free ecookbook yet to help get lots of subscribers? I explained how to do that in under 4 hours in this article. It’s a quick-and-dirty way to produce a nice pdf cookbook.

Are you ready to make money selling your own eCookbook??

FBP-transparent-logo-couponIt’s not hard with this step-by-step training:  the “Create an Ebook” video series in Food Blogger Pro. This training consists of 22 video tutorials and is only available to members. And membership includes far, far more – all the in-depth training you need to turn your food blog into a full-time business. And it’s only $251 your first year with the coupon code.

Here’s the outline of Food Blogger Pro’s “Create an Ebook” video training series:

  1. Planning your Ebook
    1. Why food bloggers should write an ebook
    2. Choosing a topic
    3. Writing an outline
    4. Expert enough
  2. Writing your Ebook
    1. Software
    2. Getting Started
    3. Finding time to write
    4. Setting deadlines
    5. Editing
  3.  Selling your Ebook
    1. Publishing and selling your Ebook
    2. Example sales process
    3. Signing up for PayPal
    4. Signing up for E-junkie
    5. Uploading your product to E-junkie
    6. Creating a basic sales page
    7. Creating a custom Add to Cart button
    8. Sales page tweaks
    9. Verify your PayPal and apply for Payments Pro
    10. Integrating PayPal Payments Pro with E-junkie
    11. Testing the checkout process
    12. Adding a header image and adding eBook to E-junkie marketplace
    13. Common questions and how to respond

Food Blogger Pro Membership Coupon