Build a Strong Relationship with your Readers

Every email you send to your list is developing your relationship with them. So work it! Treat them well. And remember …

  1. Your relationship begins with the opt-in. What is the first response they get from you when they sign up? This includes the web page you send them to and the very first email they get from you.
  2. Keep your promises. If you promise to email them once a week, email them once a week like clockwork.
  3. Let them know what to expect, and then always follow through. If your free ebook may not get there for another hour, let them know to expect a delay. If your email could land in the Gmail promotions tab or in their spam, let them know where to look if they don’t see it.
  4. Always respond when they reach out to you.
  5. Let your personality show – and then be consistent about being vulnerable and showing who you are.
  6. Periodically, ask your readers what they want. And then listen and respond!
  7. Remember – this is a two-way street and have fun with it!