4 Factors that Lead Your Visitors to Subscribe

What do you take into account in designing your opt-in box?? Give priority to these four areas  and watch your list grow by leaps and bounds!

  1. Visual
    1. Highlight the headline & submit button with bright appealing colors.
    2. Use contrasting colors – do not color coordinate the opt-in box with the color scheme of the site; you want it to stand out.
    3. Use a simple layout that emphasizes the headline (or offer) and button; use larger and bolded fonts for emphasis.
    4. Use different fonts for emphasis.

  3. Your Opt-in Copy
    1. Avoid passive, overworked terms, such as: subscribe, sign-up, learn, submit, join.
    2. Use active, positive terms, such as: You, get, access, make, save, don’t, discover, connect, receive.
    3. Use active, positive terms to start your headline and on your submit button.
    4. Convey the benefit the subscriber will get.

  5. Opt-in Positioning
    1. Use time-delayed pop-ups (with about 15-20 second delay), which get the highest conversion.
    2. Use full screen above the fold for the opt-in.
    3. Make it simple, with no choice but to opt-in; do not include social media buttons or other links on the page.
    4. Can your opt-in be seen at all? 60 to 70% of your visitors are viewing your site on a mobile device. If your opt-in is in a sidebar, that entire sidebar is displayed below the main content and your visitors have to scroll down to see it. This means that the majority of your visitors never see your opt-in box at all and can’t subscribe!

  7. Make an Irresistible Offer (a freebie or giveaway)
    1. HIghly target what your visitors search for; use your analytics to find top pages and search terms for your site, then tailor the freebie to fit.
    2. Make the freebie distinctive and memorable.
    3. Make it useful; for ecookbooks, quick and easy and simple recipes with few ingredients work well.
    4. Make it clear that with the freebie, they will also be getting regular mailings. (‘Get our “Devastating Desserts” ecookbook, plus a new recipe each week.’)